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It's summer in Mauritius Island. 25° on the morning, 31° on the afternoon. If you're traveling to our paradise, maybe you'll want to try a unique and lifetime experience. As the Peak season has started we're often fully booked. Don't miss your chance and Book Now (no deposit) for your venue! We also suggest you to jump at the beginning of your stay. in case we had to cancel your flight (due to rain or wind), it will be much easier to reschedule your venue. Book Now, RISKLESS, secure your jump. We don't ask for a deposit at the begining.

All About the World Wingsuit League

Modern wingsuits have been around since the late 1990s, with skydivers wearing one to add to the excitement of making a jump. The increase in popularity of their use has led to the competitive sport of wingsuit flying developing in recent times and this is an exciting experience for those taking part and spectators. One of the main organisations involved in this is the World Wingsuit League. ... [Read More]



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