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It's summer in Mauritius Island. 25° on the morning, 31° on the afternoon. If you're traveling to our paradise, maybe you'll want to try a unique and lifetime experience. As the Peak season has started we're often fully booked. Don't miss your chance and Book Now (no deposit) for your venue! We also suggest you to jump at the beginning of your stay. in case we had to cancel your flight (due to rain or wind), it will be much easier to reschedule your venue. Book Now, RISKLESS, secure your jump. We don't ask for a deposit at the begining.

The 2006 World Skydiving Record

For those who are at all familiar with skydiving, 2006 was a red-letter year. An event was held in the skies over Thailand that saw no less than four hundred skydivers take part in a massive group jump; setting a new world record at the time. While the end formation was truly stunning to view, completing this goal was no easy task. So, what was involved with this jump and how were these profession ... [Read More]



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