Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age limit?

15 years,is the minimum required.For those under 18 years, they need a written authorisation from their parents/guardian/authorised adult, to be accompanied by same parties and a validation from the technical staff prior to any jump.

What is the maximum age limit?

No limits.As far as you are physically fit and eager to experience such an incredible moment, you are invited to come visit us at our base.Our eldest jumper was from Australia….born in 1937!

What is the minimum/maximum weight allowed?

The minima is 40kg and the maxima 95Kg per participant ,also taking into account varying weather conditions of the day.The participants must be healthy ,in good physical and mental conditions.Skydive Austral ,in its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse any person based on its own re-evaluation or re-assessment.

Where is the location of the Drop Zone of Skydive Austral?

Nestled among sugar cane fields in the Northern plains, the DZ is based at Mon Loisir,in the vicinity of Rivière du Rempart village,20 minutes drive from Grand Bay and 1 hour, at most, from the South.

How to travel to the DZ?

You can reach there by taxi or by car rental. The following is our gps coordinates in case you are using such a device: S 020° 07 27 0 – E 057° 41,030.

How much time is required from start to finish?

The entire experience lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, including 30 minutes from take off to landing.Same will be subject to air traffic control and varying weather conditions.

Anything to bring along?

Nothing much! Only your smile and your thrill for adventure! Please wear closed shoes for not running the risk of losing them at 200Km/hr !

What about my glasses/contact lenses?

No need to remove them. Especially as you want to admire the scenery. The protective eye goggles we provide are worn atop any eye glasses/contact lenses. (Please inform our staff in such cases).

Can I jump barefeet?

Its a no-go. For safety reasons everyone must wear closed shoes.

Can I eat before a jump?

Do not change your eating habits. Eat normally. The jump shall cause no discomfort. If you suffer from any travel /motion sickness you are advised to take any recommended medication.

Can I be accompanied by any relatives/friends?

Yes. At our Dropzone, we have the necessary infrastructures to comfortably accommodate your relatives/friends. They will be at the fore front for taking any pictures.

Can I take with me my still/recording camera on the plane or while jumping?

For safety reasons, you are not allowed to carry any objects/devices on the plane. These can be a safety hazard if you happen to lose it during your freefall. Moreover a special licence is required for carrying such items,even if strapped to your person.

Can I be part of the flight as a passenger ONLY?

This is not possible. For safety reasons, all the carried-on passengers must imperatively wear a skydiving parachute and clear the floor at the opening of the hatch.

Do you organise competitive skydiving contests?

No. SkyDive Austral’s specialty is tandem jumps ONLY. For more information, contact us at

Do you offer transportation services to and from the Drop Zone?

No. Our main activity is skydiving and the company focuses all its resources and manpower in this area only.

What are your flight schedules?

We schedule our first flights as from 0700 am. Then,we keep a very flexible timing as our operations may be altered at any time due to air traffic control or adverse weather conditions. We will do our best to offer you bookings that are more suitable to your plan for the day. The overall acitivity is of a duration of 1 hr 30 mins approx. ,but again,Air traffic control and adverse weather conditions are two critical factors that can alter/change/delay/cancel any bookings/schedules.

At what time should I reach the DZ prior to my STD (scheduled time of departure)?

Call or send us a text message at (+23054995551 / +23054214987) 24hours before your time and date of departure, to reconfirm your bookings and to check latest weather forecasts. We also request you contact us before leaving the hotel for an ultimate assessment of weather conditions and any planning disruptions. We recommend you reach the Drop Zone at least 45 mins prior to departure.

What are Skydive Austral opening hours?

We are open from 0700 to 1800 daily and close on Sunday, all year round. You can contact us on (+23054995551 or +23054214987) or by email: info@skydivemauritius. com for any bookings or further information.

How to know the weather forecast a day or a week in advance?

The best is to stay in touch with our team who are constantly noting any alterations in the weather conditions. Our Drop Zone is advantageously located where it beneficiates a sunny clear blue sky almost all year round and where clouds dissipate very rapidly too. However we strongly advise to book your jump in the morning whenever possible as this period of the day is more predictable.

What if the weather is not favourable?

All flights will be grounded during same conditions. In case of already confirmed bookings,please expect delays or next day reschedulings. For longer periods of inactivity reimbursement will be considered.

Will I be able to skydive today?

Please contact us for the latest weather conditions related to our Drop Zone.

What are the local climatic conditions?

Our Drop Zone benefits ideal conditions for skydiving all year round. The websites that we suggest are for general information purposes only are www.windguru. com (Mauritius) and www.windfinder. com. We therefore recommend to contact us for more accurate forecasts specific to our Drop Zone. 

What is the maximum number of jumpers allowed?

Our Cessna 182 can carry only 4 persons per flight, 2 instructors and 2 jumpers i. e 2 tandems. We will do our best so you can live these exceptional moments surrounded by your relatives/friends. We can discuss these arrangements before the flights.

What can be seen from above?

From 10,000 feet you will have a unique and memorable landcape at your feet. At around 5000 feet the contours of the lagoon will shine at you with its splendid blue colours radiating in all directions. Our hatch has been specially built from a clear and transparent material so you can enjoy the magnificent views of our mountains and the lagoon below.

How long does the freefall last?

From 10. 000 feet – Approximately 30 seconds.

Is the landing hard?

SkyDive Austral is geared with the latest technology, conceived specifically for tandems. Our parachutes, of an extreme reliability and handiness, will ensure the smoothest landings. Adding to that,the experience of your instructor who will be in control of the entire flight.

Will I be able to write something on my hands?

Yes, why not!

What happens if I decide, at the last moment,not to go for the jump?

It never occurred yet. Nevertheless, if you decide not to jump at the last minute, there will be unfortunately no refund from Skydive Austral. You will in this case be guided back to the base. We will prepare you mentally to cope with any fears before the jump. Fear is natural but we will help you control and dominate it. Our success rate is 100% till now. Some come to us as a therapy to help them face their fear of heights.

Can a skydiving couple be filmed next to each other?

No. For safety reasons two tandems cannot be in freefall while being side by side. For this reason your instructor, equipped with a camera attached to his glove, will be filming the person harnessed to him.

Why are further additional expenses required for a video shooting or photos?

By buying our Video combo + HD Photographs,you will be able to relive and share these sublime moments with your relatives/friends. A 5 minutes movie,on a USB key, covering all your time with us will be handed to you.

Can I choose the video's music?

The music has already been pre-selected. We have a qualified staff for producing quality videos. Nevertheless,we are open to any special request whenever possible.

What about my facial expressions during the freefall?

The best souvenir is to have your skydive recorded on a USB key for you to keep and share with your loved ones at a later stage.
Video/photos Combo (Embedded camera)
Live and share your dreams on Youtube,Facebook,Flickr or any social media spaces of your choice. This special package will allow you to capture on film these lifetime experiences on various platforms.
You are already on camera once you set foot on the tarmac. Mementoes of your trip will include spectacular aerial sceneries of Mauritius, your plane exit, your facial expression while free falling, the opening of your parachute and of course, your landing. The complete video editing including an original soundtrack is completed in 20 minutes. You will have at your disposal a hundred images on a USB key.

By the way how is your smile when you're up there?

The video will show it to you and to all your friends!