Skydive Mauritius Team


Belgian native having Mauritius at  heart, co founder and CEO of Skydive Austral, Gaëtan is an aviation, Africa and adventure enthusiast since his early childhood. Skydive Austral is his final oasis after years vagabonding around the globe.


Our chief instructor is South African. His valuable experience totals over 8000 tandem jumps over Africa and Europe. Since 2010, the year he landed in Mauritius, he is sharing his skills and extensive knowledge to the locals and foreign visitors.


Tandem jump-master, in Mauritius since 2015, has logged more than 6000 jumps from Slovenia, his homeland, to Germany and Austria via the United States before joining the Skydive Austral Crew.


Our base deputy director, assisting Gaëtan since 2011, is a qualified commercial pilot. Together with Gaetan, they are helping thousand novices every year experience Icarus’ dream.


Of Mauritian origin, a qualified commercial pilot as Remy, is flying our Cessna since 2010. Skydive’s Austral most experienced pilot, he has a deep knowledge of the plane and the vicinities.


Our third Mauritian pilot, with similar qualifications to the others, has joined the team in 2013. Every week he flies dozens of our guests above the clouds.


Mauritian, whose juvenile smile radiates all over our Landing Zone, is our front desk manager. She attends to our visitors’ needs, making their trip a unique and memorable experience.


He is our man for the job. Always available wearing an eternal smile, he is a representative of our Mauritian hospitality, ready to help in all circumstances.