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Prices | Skydive Mauritius


Skydive (single)
MRs 13,000
MRs 4,000
MRs 4,000
Combo (Video + Images)
MRs 5,500

The Tandem Jump

Go for it! Experience a jump from 10.000 feet (approximately 3.000 meters). Enjoy a 25 minutes flight over the magnificent East coast (Belle Mare, Poste Lafayette, Roches Noires, Poudre d’Or). Followed by a 30 seconds free-fall nearing 200Km/h and a canopy¬† descent of approximately 5 minutes. The landscape underneath will leave you speechless. You will be left with colourful and vivid memories together with an immense joy that only the following words could translate: YES, I DID IT!